Cool Linux apps you might not know

Trying to ship the old blog post drafts

Here are some cool Linux apps you might not know yet.

sm -- or, screen message

sm is a small app to display text big and fullscreen.

Simple as that.


flameshot is an awesome app for making screenshots.

I've mapped my PrintScr key to launch flameshot gui.

Play it slowly

Play It Slowly is an app to play an audio or video slower (or faster), while keeping (or otherwise manipulating) the pitch.

If you're a musician, you can use this to play some audio slower to be able to focus more closely on a small piece of a song.

If you're a singer, you can use this to play a track in a tonality that suits your voice better, while keeping the same tempo.


Solfege is a tool for ear-training. You can use this to practice identifying intervals, rhythms, chords, scales, etc.

To be honest I never used it that much... It's a pretty cool piece of software and I suppose it will appeal to people who are used to music notation.